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EQuiP emphasises the dissemination of knowledge, and it is important for EQuiP that the knowledge generated through events reaches the broadest audience possible. 

Consequently, we will begin to audio and video record main EQuiP events from the 40th EQuiP assembly meeting in Zagreb 3-5 November 2011, which will give you the opportunity to listen even though you are unable to attend or you would like to hear some of the points once again. 

Tina Eriksson, GP PhD
Immediate Past President

EQuiP also organise Open Invitational Conferences in order to offer a platform of exchange of expertise for researchers and policy makers in all European countries, which are involved in quality improvement in Family Medicine.

  • 1st EQUIP Invitational Conference: 
    Quality Improvement in Family Practice: New Developments.
    Zürich, Switzerland, 1997
  • 1st European Network Organisations Open Conference WONCA'99.
    Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1999
  • 3rd EQUIP Invitational Conference: 
    Quality improvement in General Practice/Family Medicine. Is it still a hobby? 
    Heidelberg, Germany, 2003
    Read conference report here.
  • 5th EQUIP Invitational Conference: 
    The impact of Health System Reform on Quality in GP/FM.
    Barcelona, Spain, 2006
    Read conference report here.

47th EQuiP Assembly Meeting in Fischingen (Switzerland), 23-25 April 2015

The following closed meetings have been held:

1990 Spain
1991 Netherlands
1992 United Kingdom
1993 Netherlands and Sweden
1994 Portugal and Germany
1995 Belgium and Israel, 
1996 Sweden and Hungary,
1997 Czech Republic and Switzerland
1998 Ireland and Iceland
1999 Spain and Denmark
2000 Austria and Greece.
2001 Finland and France
2002 United Kingdom and Portugal
2003 Slovenia and Germany 
2004 The Netherlands and Belgium
2005 Poland and Greece
2006 Turkey and Spain
2007 Czech Republic and France
2008 Norway and Romania
2009 Israel and Slovenia
2010 UK and Spain
2011 Denmark (Spring)

The following closed/open meetings have been held:

2011 Croatia 
2012 Sweden and Turkey
2013 Paris and Bologna
2014 Ljubljana and Tallinn
2015 Switzerland and Zagreb
2016 Prague and Zagreb
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