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EQuiP opens for memberships

EQuiP offers a platform of the knowledge base and for the discussion between GPs, researchers and organisations involved in quality and safety of family medicine. EQuiP is currently engaged in a number of projects in the field of quality and safety in Europe.

Members of EQuiP enjoy a number of benefits:

  • You will become a member of the largest and best functioning GP based network on quality and safety in the world.
  • You will get to know colleagues from European countries working in the field of quality and safety.
  • You will have the possibility of taking part in conferences and meetings of EQuiP at a reduced price.
  • You receive an amount of relevantnewsletters.

EQuiP currently has 68 individual and 11 organisational members from 24 European countries.

See why Ayşe Çaylan from Turkey became the very first individual member of EQuiP.

Application Procedure and Membership Fees

You may apply for membership by using the form in the right hand menu.
The EQuiP executive must accept each application for membership.

You are expected to pay for membership in advance. All EQuiP council members must also pay membership fees. The fee varies per country according to the Membership Fees available from the right hand menu.

Please be aware that you are not an EQuiP member unless this process has been completed and cannot participate in any formal proceedings. You will also forfeit your membership if you do not pay your subscription in the appropriate calendar year.

EQuiP organises a members' meeting each spring open to all EQuiP members. EQuiP organises a meeting for the EQuiP council members and the advisory board only each autumn. The EQuiP council meeting is organised by the national EQuiP council members of the host country in collaboration with the EQuiP secretariat.

We wish you great success with your application, and that you will enjoy your membership.

Tina Eriksson, GP PhD
Immediate Past President of EQuiP

The Interactice EQuiP Story

Relevant forms

Download 2016 Application Form.

Download 2016 Membership Fees.

After your application has been approved we will send you the details for payment of membership fee.

EQuiP Bank Details

If you would like to wire your membership fee directly, please use:

Nordea Bank (Denmark)
Reg. no. 2217
Account no. 8977 958 696

IBAN: DK9620008977958696

11 Organisational members

Domus Medica

KoHOM (Coordination of Croatian Family Medicine)

Andrija Stampar (School of Public Health)

(Medical Publications Ltd)

Finnish Association for General Practice

S.F.T.G. Association
(Société de Formation Thérapeutique du Généraliste)

Norsk Forening For Allmennmedisin

Associação Portuguesa de Medicina Geral e Familiar

Zdravsteni Dom Ljubljana

semFYC (Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia)

PMU (Policlinique Medicale Universitaire)

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