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EQuiP Newsletter

Keywords: A short history, Interview with Reinhold Glehr, Psychosocial indicators, Interview with Bohumil Seifert and Jan Kovar, SFAMQ - new org. member of EQuiP, The Safe Track of Quality (EQuiP session at WONCA Copenahgen 2016). 

  • Read the ninth EQuiP newsletter here (January 2016)

    Keywords: Overview of abstracts for WONCA 2016, three confirmed kyenotes for EQuiP Patient Safety conference in April, new impulses for GP centered health care in Germany, new organisational member: Audit Project Odense.
  • Read the seventh EQuiP newsletter here (November 2015).

    Keywords: Abstracts, letter sent on behalf of WONCA to Collège de la Médecine Générale, the World Book of Family Medicine, the Interactive eGuidebook to Social Media in Family Medicine, my first EQuiP Meeting, WONCA Europe Istanbul Conference presentations and slides & upcoming events. 
  • Read the sixth EQuiP newsletter here (October 2015).

    Keywords: New EQuiP delegate from Slovenia, Back to Basics Training Package, QI Webinars, PECC-WE testimonial, 20th WONCA Europe Conference, EQuiP workshops and presentations, EQuiP Summer School report. 
  • Read the fifth EQuiP newsletter here (September 2015).

    Keywords: Upcoming EQuiP Meetings & Conferences, 20th WONCA Europe Conference, workshops and presentations, Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe, testimonial, Nordic Congress of General Practice. 
  • Read the fourth EQuiP newsletter here (June 2015).

    Keyworrds: The death of Janko Kersnik, Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe, testimonial, Knowledge Translation (KT), small group learning, new EQuiP president, Power Points, Conference Online Gallery, New EQuiP delegate from Greece.
  • Read the third EQuiP newsletter here (November 2014).

    Keyworrds: Digital prescribing, new president of EQuiP, Quality circles conference, patient empowerment e-learning, interprofessional management of patients, WONCA 2015, EQuiP Summer Schools 2014, Antibiotics Awareness.
  • Read the second EQuiP newsletter here (May 2014).

    Keywords: The changing agenda of EQuiP, Equity, WONCA 2014 conference, members, patient empowerment, Quality circles, EQuiP Summer Schools 2013-14, Quality work in Croatia, inGPinQI courses and tools.
  • Read the very first EQuiP newsletter here (September 2013)

    Keywords: The opening of EQuiP, memberships and members, inGPinQI project, Quality work in Estonia, Quality in Family Medicine Book of Tools. 

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EQuiP Partners

Cooperation with others is one of the main priorities for EQuiP to promote Quality and Safety in Primary Health Care. We invite representatives of other networks and special interest groups  to participate in our Meetings and Working Groups.

We want to send our Liaison Persons to your meetings as well. To set up mutual projects, promote each others' work and to support others with our knowledge and expertise.

Upcoming conferences
14th Primary Care Diabetes Europe Conference, 29-30 April 2016.
Read more here

Liaison persons
Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM): Christina Svanholm (Denmark)

Mutual projects
Joint EQuiP-VdGM ePDF Guidebook on Social Media (2015)

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