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PECC-WE: Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe. The WONCA Anniversary Research Fund 2012-2015 project.

In February 2012, the Wonca Europe Network EQuiP was announced as the winner of the WONCA Anniversary Research Fund, which will report by WONCA Europe’s 20th Anniversary in 2015.

The project will be referred to as PECC-WE (Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe).

WONCA Europe is the European section of the World Organisation for National Colleges and Academies of General Practice/Family Medicine. EQuiP is the European Association for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in General Practice/Family Medicine and is one of the network organisation of WONCA Europe. 

The EQuiP bid for the WONCA Anniversary Fund research funding was submitted by Honorary Secretary of EQuiP, Dr Andrée Rochfort (ICGP) from Ireland, in conjunction with her EQuiP colleagues Jochen Gensichen from Germany, Ilkka Kunnamo from Finland and Tina Eriksson from Denmark.

 Wonca Anniversary Research Fund

Project Partners

Andrée Rochfort, MD
Honorary Secretary of EQuiP
Irish College of General Practitioners

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Jochen Gensichen, MD MSc, MPH (professor and chair)
EQuiP delegate
Institute of General Practice & Family Medicine Jena

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Ilkka Kunnamo, MD PhD (Adjunct Professor)
EQuiP member
The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim

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Tina Eriksson, MD PhD
Imm. Past EQuiP President 
Danish College of General Practitioners

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