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Motivational Interviewing E-learning Course (English)

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E-learning Kurs - Motiverendes Interview

Motivational Interviewing E-learning Course (German)

Evaluation Results

  • 99% (570 out of 576 respondents) stated that the course helped to improve their skills and competence.
  • 97% (557 out of 575 respondents) found that the course motivated them to learn and reflect upon the topic.
  • 88% (505 out of 575 respondents) found the applicability of skills and knowledge obtained from the course in clinical practice to be either 'Excellent' or 'Good'.


What was the most important thing you learned during the course?

I was reminded of what the “art of helping” is all about:

- You must find the patient where (s)he is.

- Understand his/her ressource and strong sides.

- How the patient’s own ressources can help to accomplish the change.

Would you recommend it to your colleagues?

Yes! I think every GP can benefit from taking the course. And I will recommend it to younger colleagues, like the ones I am mentoring as part of the Norwegian specialization program.

What perspectives in patient empowerment from a WONCA Europe point of view?

There is a broad understanding among health professionals and policy makers that the increase of NCDs is a challenge in all European countries. The reason for this development lies in the way we live our lives.

GPs must be trained to help patients to identify their own goals for their health, and support them in finding ways to make the necessary changes.

It is crucial to develop an understanding of why unhealthy habits are hard to change. And it is equally important to develop tools for how to start the process, and how to support the patient along the road.

There is an explicit goal for WONCA Europe, described in our Future Plan, to contribute to make GPs capable of helping people to live healthy lives. Empowerment is key!

Dr. Anna Stavdal
WONCA Europe Vice President (Norway)

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