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Working Groups

The EQuiP network has 9 active working groups of experts within the following fields:

  • #1 E-health (in collaboration with organisational EQuiP member Duodecim)
    Work Group Leader: Ilkka Kunnamo (Finland).
  • #2 Equity
    Work Group Leader: Hector Falcoff (France).

Joint EQuiP-VdGM ePDF Guidebook on Social Media

Social Media


E-Health is a relatively recent and broad term encompassing implementation of means of information and communications technology in the health and healthcare sectors for clinical, research, educational, service delivery, and administrative purposes.

For the first time, technology is enabling the emergence of a new global mindset in interaction and collaboration among institutions, health professionals and providers, healthcare users and entrepreneurs.

While e-Health has the potential to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions for diverse population needs in Primary Healthcare, address ever growing consumer demand, and improve health and healthcare in underserved areas and low- and middle-income countries, it still faces important challenges, such as interoperability and scalability.

EQuiP Contributions to the World Book of Family Medicine (Europe 2015)

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